Some Fun Ways To De-Stress

It’s not a secret: graduate school can be incredibly stressful at times. There’s pressure to publish, teach, win grants, network, and more. Since the Finals Week-induced stress is approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favorite activities to do around Blacksburg.

To preface this list, I love reading Next Three Days to find activities. As the name implies, it’s a comprehensive list of all of the activities happening in Blacksburg (and the NRV) over the next 3 days. I’ve found a few of the items below from this website!

  1. Farmers Market: Every Saturday, there’s a small Farmers Market near Champs and Idego Coffee. Vendors are local, prices are low, and food is tasty! They occasionally have live music or other socializing events (there’s a tomato tasting event soon).
  2. Running on the Huckleberry Trail: This 7.5-mile trail leads from the Blacksburg Community Library to the mall in Christiansburg. It’s not steep, and you’ll often see other joggers and bikers. It’s pretty scenic once you get to the Foxridge area; I recommend you venture out (walking, running, or biking) at least once, especially now that the weather is favorable.
  3. Venture Out Challenge Course: I’ve only done this once, but I had a blast. This is basically a small obstacle course that promotes teamwork, strength (mental and physical), and problem solving. It’s meant for a group of people, so I would encourage bringing your labmates or friends. One downside is that it can be costly depending on how many people you have (fewer people –> higher cost), but it’s incredibly fun and a unique way to spend a few hours.

Regardless of how your relieve stress, it’s important to be consistent and know what helps you blow off steam. Best of luck wrapping up projects, classes, and the school year!

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